Fruit trees

Probably no other plants in the garden give so much for so little work as the fruit trees. Plant them once, give them a little care and they will reliably produce fruit for years to come. Every garden should have its full complement of suitable Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Peach, Plum and Pear varieties (and more).

Fruit trees don’t just produce food, they are also some of the most beautiful plants in the garden and add year round interest in the form of continuous seasonal change. First you get flower buds, then flowers followed by leaves, then small fruit, then ripe fruit (a highlight of the summer), then the leaves drop. In this way they don’t only feed us, they also help to connect us to the yearly cycle of the garden.

Fruit trees are also versatile landscaping plants ni their own right, giving privacy, shelter and shade and making up the framework of the garden.