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Green Man Publishing - Uses of Wild Plants

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Uses of Wild Plants

Hortideas. Sept – Oct 2007

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Uses of Wild Plants

Castanea dentata / American Chestnut
Portulaca oleracea / Purslane
Urtica dioica / Stinging Nettle


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There is no other book quite like this unique guide to the plants of North America. Covering the uses and cultivation of more than 1200 species in over 500 genera, it is a treasury of information on every aspect of useful wild plants. This information packed book describes:

  • How Native Americans, European settlers and people from other cultures, used wild plants for food in the past, and how you can use them today to create delicious and nutritious meals. This is one of the most comprehensive guides to North American edible wild plants available anywhere.

  • How medicinal plants were used in the past, and how you can use them today, to prevent illness and enhance your health, by providing superior nutrition.

  • How plants can be used for dyes, cosmetics, soap, paper, fuel, clothing, perfumes, glues, craft materials, and many other home, commercial and industrial uses.

  • How wild plants could help us to create an ecologically sustainable society, by providing new crops for food, medicine, fuels, renewable energy, chemicals and building materials.

  • How they could help to clean our rivers and lakes, desalinate soil, remove toxic chemicals from polluted groundwater, recover valuable nutrients from waste, and maybe even reduce global warming.

This unique book also gives you detailed information on the cultivation of the most important species. It describes their uses in the garden, homestead and farm, as new crops, fertilizers, fence-posts, fencing, hedges, mulch, screens, green manures, insecticides, groundcover, and many other purposes.

ISBN 0-9773489-0-3