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The Uses Of Wild Plants
The Organic Gardeners Handbook
The Vegetable Growers Handbook

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Everything you need to know to create a low cost, low input self-sustaining intensive vegetable garden. A serious guide to the art and science of organic gardening, it covers the subject with a depth that is rarely seen in contemporary books. There are chapters on every aspect of organic vegetable gardening, soil dynamics, soil management, cultivation, composting, crop planning, raising seedlings, watering, harvesting, seed saving, greenhouses and much more. Whether you are a complete novice and need your hand holding through every step, or a veteran gardener with a permanent layer of soil under your fingernails this book will help you to become a better gardener. A book that will soon be covered in dirty fingerprints.

ISBN: 978-0-9773489-1-6
The Organic Gardeners Handbook is a companion to
The Vegetable Growers Handbook.