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Frank Tozer is fascinated with useful and edible plants of all kinds (his home vegetable garden alone commonly contains over a hundred species). His most enduring interest is in creating a low input (low cost and low work) but highly productive food garden, that will provide food (and other essentials of life) year round. He believes that such gardens will eventually become an integral part of every ecologically sustainable household (sign up for our free newsletter to find out more about this project). You can check out a slide show of some of the plants in his garden below (the perfect antidote to cold dreary winter days).

Frank has supported himself over the years as a carpenter, general contractor, landscaper, organic farmer, painter, baker, jeweler, plumber, gardener, photovoltaic installer, and a writer. It’s been pointed out that Franks story parallels many earlier pioneers. He emigrated to a new continent, traveled across it on 4 wheels, built his own house, where he raised a family and tilled the soil. He lives in the Santa Cruz mountains and spends much of his time in his 2 ½ acre garden, where he tends (at last count) over 200 species (and countless varieties) of edible and useful plants.